Västra rummet!

Västra rummet has a modern feeling. It is furnished with a double bed and has a soft and cosy wall to wall carpet to rest your feet on when getting out of the bed in the morning.


The room is on the second floor. There is a shared bathroom (shower/bathtub and toilet) with easy access from both guest rooms.


Ateljén and Västra rummet have access to a nice roof terrace with a wonderful view.

Photo Cred Malin Robertson Harén
Photo Cred Malin Robertson Harén
Västrarummet_2016-03-10 13_Fotor02
  • Double room,12 m2 with two bed.
  • Breakfast.
  • Microwave oven and a fridge in the common sitting room.
  • Shared bathroom with shower/bathtub and toilet.
  • Wifi.